Launch A Business

Professional help to start a business

Do you plan to invest in real estate in Dubai to make money on it? Need help figuring out where to start? In this case, it would be advisable and a lot easier to implement the services of specialists.

Features of the rental business

Real estate rental in Dubai is one of the most promising industries. It is essential to remember that searching for tenants and drawing up and officially registering a contract are strictly regulated business aspects and require mandatory compliance with specific standards. Legal relations between the owner and the tenant are subject to Law No. 26 of 2007 and its relevant amendments.

The lease agreement must be drawn up correctly and endorsed in the Ejari electronic rental agreement registration system. This system secures a transparent relationship between tenant and landlord.

Even if this condition is met, you cannot start leasing out your housing straight-away. The owner must get a license to rent-out apartments or operate a hotel. Due to this, you can make use of one of two options: obtain permission and run a business on your own or seek help from a licensed management company that will take on all the responsibilities.

Residential and commercial real estate management

Suppose you do not plan to move and live in the UAE, but want to profit from renting out real estate. In that case, the company's specialists will help organize the necessary business processes competently and efficiently without you being present in the country.

Prior to entering a trust management contract, discussing and agreeing on all the details is essential. After that, the solving of issues will pass to specialists and you will begin to receive passive income without worrying about the tenants, the furniture, and all the other aspects associated with renting out real estate.

In addition to residential real estate, you can also manage commercial facilities: shops, cafes, and offices.

The area of ​​responsibility of the management company includes:

  • Preparation of necessary documents at every stage of the deal;
  • Registration in Ejari (an electronic registration system that is established to protect the rights of everyone involved in rental deals);
  • Search and settlement of tenants;
  • Maintenance of the facility during the lease period;
  • Cleaning before and after the settlement;
  • Payment of utility bills;
  • Monthly maintenance fee.

Service Benefits

  • Tranquility. You don't need to worry about the organization of business processes. Specialists will do everything for you.
  • Awareness of all trends and changes in the real estate market and access to verified statistics.
  • Personal approach to each client.
  • Turnkey service: a full range of services starting from the arranging of the documents to the search for tenants.
  • Your real estate is in good hands. The management company is responsible for its safety. You are able to safely travel or live in your native country and earn passive income without ever stepping foot in the UAE.