After-sales Service

After-sales service

After-sales service is an essential step in customer service. It must be understood that the broker's work continues after the completion of the purchase and sales transaction but continues until the client's needs associated with the newly acquired real estate are entirely fulfilled.

What is the essence of after-sales service?

Plenty of new tasks come to attention after buying any piece of real estate, such as purchasing furniture. The main one is the activation of utilities.

After-sales service is a spectrum of actions for solving everyday administrative, bureaucratic, and legal issues of clients connected with their newly acquired property. This service is precious for buyers buying real estate for the first time abroad and have yet to have time to adapt to life in a new country and become aware of local laws and regulations.

What does after-sales service include?

Depending on the conditions, the client can be provided with a full range of services and one specific service.

The list goes as follows:

  • The broker concludes contracts with municipal services.
  • The broker can pay for the real estate maintenance fees and other payments (including utilities).
  • A home insurance contract can also be drawn up by the after-sales service specialists.
  • They can organize repairs and renovation.
  • They are able to purchase household appliances and furniture for your real estate.
  • Visa support can also be expected, depending on your requirements.
  • You can also receive help for a well-established business.

Organization of business processes with real estate

Are you considering housing in Dubai as a source of income? Then the after-sales service for rental property management will be optimal for you. This complex work involves not only maintenance of the premises (housing, cleaning, furniture maintenance specialists, and replacement) but also, in specific, monitoring prices in the rental market, searching for tenants, arranging their arrival, and eviction.

A trusted broker will take most of the hassle out of your rental business and allow you to earn passive income even if you have never stepped foot in the UAE.

What other functions does the company perform?

  • Guaranteed safety of housing.
  • Cleaning service.
  • Timely payment of utility bills.
  • Search for tenants and their settlements.
  • The monthly maintenance fee for the complex.

For their services, management companies in Dubai take an average of 5% of the rent, but the owner himself doesn't need to pay for this. The commission is passed along to the tenant and included in their rental payments.

When signing an agreement on real estate management, the broker discusses all aspects of the transaction with the client and then agrees with trust management. Companies provide services to owners of not only residential but also commercial real estate. Specialists form a pool of tenants and help to increase the investment attractiveness of the real estate to get the maximum profit from each available square meter.