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Welcome to Al Hameed Real Estate the future progress

Al Hameed Real Estate is a leading brokerage in the UAE. Our portfolio contains some of the world's most recognizable lifestyle, leisure, and retail landmarks. Some of the developments we have worked with are currently a distinct part of Dubai's landscape.

Established in 2015 and originating in the global economic hub of Dubai, we have been keen on playing our role. Al Hameed Real Estate is an accomplished brokerage operating mainly in Dubai. We have worked tirelessly to achieve a superior track record. We work with properties that are of the highest standard. Strives have always been made to meet and exceed expectations in providing optimal services for all. At Al Hameed Real Estate, we work with real estate, but our core function covers more aspects. We also must provide our community with the foundation on which to shine. Our work is based on people and relationships formed in the process.

Advancement and Progress

At our establishment, our neighborhoods and communities are essential attributes of our development as a society. We are proud to have the opportunity to contribute. We work with properties that provide a virtual environment for living and thriving. Throughout our journey, we have believed that the quality of people's surroundings influences the quality of their output, so great effort has always been made to ensure our work achieves this. Here at Al Hameed Real Estate, we know that our experiences shape us as humans and ensure that our contributions facilitate inspiration and innovation wherever possible.

Why Invest In Dubai Properties?

Dubai is a city with a colossal influx of people. The tourist destination alone provides 17 million people annually. Even amid the pandemic in 2020, the city received 5.5 million people.

Other categories of the population are also interested in the largest city of the UAE: expatriate foreigners, business and industry representatives, and highly qualified labor migrants.

There is a high demand for rental housing, and the market responds with a corresponding supply - 60-65 thousand new real estate objects are built annually. Developers report an annual profit growth of 250%.

Considering the economy is growing by 3-4% per year, one can understand that the Emirate's market has something to offer potential investors.

Paying rent is essentially paying off someone else's mortgage. Why not stop paying rent and transform those payments into a mortgage for your home? Buying a home doesn't have to be a hassle or financial anxiety. Dubai is a mixed property market with various homes at accessible prices. Expats make up almost 92% of Dubai's population. For this reason, the Dubai Government has made property purchases straightforward and secure for foreigners!