About Us

About Alhameed Estate

Originating in the global economic hub of Dubai and established in 2015, we have since been very privileged to play our role. Our properties are only of the highest standard and no less. Strives have always been made to exceed expectations and provide the best options for all. We won’t stop here, as much is still on the horizon. At Al Hameed Estate, we work with real estate, but our function is more than that. We also must provide communities with the basis on which to shine. Our work is all about people, which is why we aspire and create.

What we do

Pushing our limits to provide the highest quality services.

Our company has been a Dubai real estate sales leader since 2018. We are dedicated to providing individuals and firms with the best resolutions for their needs.

Al Hameed Estate has now built several real estate projects. Our clients are happy owners of new condos, homes, and offices.

Our concept

We can create the property of your dreams with an open mind and a creative approach!

Our Mission

Use the best possible quality materials to create a comfortable living or workspace.

Our Team

Competent specialists who create safe and stunning properties.

Our guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our services and end product, ensuring we meet all deadlines on time.