Al Hameed Real Estate works with crypto. Our process:

Our expert-designed process lessens your risk and produces strong offers.

1. Find your property

Work with our agents or on your own to find your dream apartment. Al Hameed Real Estate will facilitate your offer if you're offering to rent short-term, long-term, or purchase said property.

2. Verify your ID

To keep everyone involved out of harm's way, Al Hameed Real Estate verifies everyone who wants to buy property, invest or rent online.

3. Submit your offer

Work with your Al Hameed Real Estate agent to finalize contingencies, terms, and timing. We accept crypto from clients worldwide.

*For United Arab Emirates citizens, we accept cash, bank transfers, and crypto directly.

4. Pay to your Agent

If you are a non-citizen of the UAE, our manager will accept a transfer and convert it for you for a fee.

5. Receive a confirmation letter from your Agent

All client orders are processed from Monday to Friday with access to exchanges and deep pools of liquidity.