World first hydrogen powered boat is set for UAE lauch

World first hydrogen powered boat is set for UAE lauch

With the emergence of new happenings every year, Dubai’s technological advancements are constantly booming. The Emirates proves its stance again as it launches a world-first hydrogen-powered boat. Termed as The Jet, is a clean energy hydro-powered flying boat. Dubai’s leadership position as a worldwide center for future industries is evident. THE JET ZeroEmission, a Swiss company, has announced that it has struck a deal to build and operate The Jet with Zenith Marine Services and DWYN in the UAE.

The announcement reflects Dubai's leading position as a global hub for future industries. Dubai's robust infrastructure and supportive investment environment have made it an ideal launchpad for innovative companies to reach their global ambitions.

What Does The Flying Jet Feature?

The flying jet features cutting-edge characteristics and technologies, making it capable of flying in silence over the waters at 40mph speed. The luxurious boat has a capacity of 8 to 12 passengers and seems sustainable as it has 2 fuel cells and an air conditioner as well as other clean-tech, environmentally friendly technologies that help reduce carbon emissions.

Has The Takeoff Date Been Announced?

The takeoff date has not been announced. But it’s assumed to be during the 28th International Climate Summit (COP28 UAE) preparatory sessions in November 2023. 

Renewable Energy Stands High Priority For UAE

Clean and renewable energy is a key requirement to sustainability and stands at the forefront of Dubai and the UAE's strategic priorities. Dubai has become an international pioneer in developing the clean and renewable energy sector. Emirates aims to produce 75% of its energy needs from renewable sources as per as the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050.

The strategy also aims to make Dubai a worldwide hub for renewable energy and a green economy. It consists of five main pillars: infrastructure, regulation, finance, growing capabilities and skills, and an environmentally suitable energy mix. Also, there is a number of properties in Dubai that are considered as eco friendly homes. you might want to explore signature savings if you’re looking for luxury and green minded life style. 

Is It Possible To Build A Hydrogen-Powered Boat, Yacht, or Plane?

Hydrogen-powered yacht might be the upcoming project after the boat. Also, it’s a surprise to where and when the launch would take place. The superyacht might hold a peak pace of 17 knots and a range of 3,750 nautical miles, with state-of-the-art amenities.

Is The Future Of Transport Hydrogen-Powered?

With climate change increasing more intense, heading to something sustainable is the goal of the moment. Hydrogen energy is the savior and also the future potential of sustainable traveling.

Dubai beaches are spectacular tourist paradises. So, it wouldn’t surprise us if you’d like to stay near all the fun sea activities while testing the flying jet for the first time. There are a number of beachfront hotels that you can consider for your stay. If you’re looking for more permanent accommodations, you might want to explore the top areas to buy sea-view villas in Dubai.

Image Credit: Twitter Dubai Media Office