Is it Better to Live in an Apartment or Villa in Dubai?

Is it Better to Live in an Apartment or Villa in Dubai?

While Dubai flaunts many types of properties, apartments and villas continue to be the most preferred choice for buyers. With residential or commercial properties available in various styles, locations, and budget plans, residents often wonder which type of property suits them best.

If you're making a decision between living in an apartment or a villa in Dubai, we've assembled several of the most crucial variables to consider before you make a decision.

Things to Consider When Deciding Between Apartments or Villas in Dubai

Before you make a decision between a fashionable apartment in Dubai Marina or a large villa in Arabian Ranches, take a look at some of one of the most important elements that will influence your decision.

Before deciding what kind of property is right for you, determine what you can afford to pay.

Your budget is the most critical thing to consider in the decision on property types in Dubai. On the whole, villas often tend to be more expensive than apartments in Dubai. For instance, a 3-bedroom apartment or condo for rent in Dubai Marina begins with AED 75k, based on current listings, while a 3-bedroom rental villa in Mirdif has a starting rate of AED 89k, with both rental and sales prices at a steady incline.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that this can differ depending on location. Extra budget-conscious occupants can always discover budget-friendly villa communities in Dubai.

Therefore, the initial thing to figure out when choosing between apartments or villas in Dubai, is just how much you are willing to invest.


While many areas in the emirate offer a diverse choice of residential or commercial properties, some areas are extra minimal. For example, the older neighborhood of Bur Dubai, known for its main location, virtually exclusively offers apartments with just a handful of villas available. On the other hand, suburban neighborhoods such as Reem are only home to relaxing villas and townhouses. Nevertheless, various communities such as Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Dubai Silicon Oasis supply a mix of apartments and villas.

Therefore, whether you choose to lease an apartment or villa in Dubai will play a big role in the options of locations. It's an excellent idea to look into the types of properties readily available in your preferred locations, which you can do using our extensive Location Guides.


 Keep in mind that there are additional expenses of keeping a villa when making your decision.

The expense of keeping a villa in Dubai is normally higher than that of an apartment. Considering that villas usually comprise a bigger space, you are more likely to invest a higher amount on furnishing the property, than you would for an apartment. You will likewise likely incur higher expenses for cleaning solutions as many villas in Dubai included a backyard, and many flaunt a private pool. Most homeowners of villas need to employ a gardener to upkeep their backyard.

Also bear in mind that your DEWA or energy costs will certainly be greater for villas, specifically during the summer season, when the backyard requires plenty of water. 

When calculating your budget, make certain to consider these hidden expenses, so you can make a fully-informed decision.


If you are deciding between a villa or apartment, it is very important to keep your way of life in mind. When making this decision, you'll need to determine whether your top priority is privacy or ease. Apartment towers are generally more centrally-located and also closer to recreation and industrial hubs.

On the other hand, villas are located in largely residential areas or gated communities where facilities and enjoyment might be located further away. These may be suitable for families, with a quiet setting to raise your family. Nonetheless, a solitary professional aiming to live near to their work environment or a couple wishing to be near restaurants, bars, and other entertainment choices would definitely prefer the apartment life.

If personal outdoor space is a must, a villa would certainly be the best choice for you. Nonetheless, social butterflies might favor apartments.

Popular villa neighborhoods such as Arabian Ranches likewise house schools and also nurseries, making them a great selection for families. However, budget-conscious tenants can also go with apartments in integrated neighborhoods such as Sports City or Silicon Oasis, which include both residential and commercial properties as well as schools in the area.

Ultimately, the decision between apartments or villas in Dubai mostly depends on your lifestyle.


Still haven’t made up your mind between apartments vs villas in Dubai? Both property types can offer considerably different views of their surroundings.

While this might appear less important than the previous aspects on this list, bordering views do add to the vibe and feel of your home! Some high-end apartments in Dubai feature exceptional views for fortunate tenants to take pleasure in, although these do opt for a higher sales/rent price. You can pick apartments in Jumeirah Beach Residence for sweeping views of the Arabian Sea or search Downtown for panoramic sights of the city’s incredible skyline.

On the other hand, lessees of the majority of Dubai’s villas will appreciate the charming sights of their area. Those willing to pay more can experience beautiful lake or golf course views. The choice between villas or apartments in Dubai relies on your individual preference - Do you enjoy views of gleaming cityscapes or picturesque lakes?


So which is much better-- a villa or an apartment in Dubai? You need to take a look at the amenities and also the facilities you'll have access to. Those who rely upon public transportation such as the metro to commute to work will most certainly choose an apartment, as nearly all villa communities lie further far from the metro line.

Apartments commonly have an affixed supermarket, and hair salon at the ground level or close by. Nonetheless, those living in independent villas will likely need to drive a short distance before they reach the nearby supermarket or mall. 

Finally, most apartments in Dubai offer accessibility to shared facilities such as a gymnasium, pool, and play locations for kids, which might not be offered in a villa community. Nonetheless, villa neighborhoods such as The Springs or The Lakes boast substantial facilities such as tennis as well as basketball courts, football premises, jogging tracks, and neighborhood yards, although tenants can expect to pay more for these properties.

As you can see, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding between apartments or villas in Dubai. We hope this article makes it simpler for you to make a decision. No matter whatever you select, our many trained experts are ready to help you.

You can also think about purchasing off-plan properties in Dubai, which provide inexpensive payment plans. You can have a look at a few of one of the most significant off-plan developments or future projects from the emirate's most reputed developers.

If you're still unsure of whether to buy or rent a property in Dubai, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of professional property consultants for more answers.